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RiceWrap provides 2 wonderful palettes for your creative art, Rice Sheets™ (Slice of Rice™) and RiceWrap Pillows™. Please, Keep Frozen.

Rice Sheets™ (Slice of Rice™)

Thawing Directions: Remember there are two sides to your Rice Sheeta “rough” side and a smooth side, always place your Nori on the rough side.

1) Remove Vacuum packed sheet from freezer, do not remove sheet from the vacuum sealed bag.

2) Place vacuum sealed bag under running warm water for about 90 seconds to bring rice to room temperature.

3) Cut three edges of vacuum bag and carefully remove sheet to your rolling mat placing the nori on the “rough side”.

4) Add your ingredients and roll on!  See our video http://www.ricewrapfoods.com/rolling-slice-of-ricetm/

*B hands 1Brown Rice Sheet™ (Slice of Rice™), by nature, is much more delicate and it is recommended that you place the sheet on top of your nori! This is a Maki Roll with the seaweed on the outside.


RiceWrap Pillows™

1) Remove vacuum packed Pillows from freezer.

2) Cut three edges of vacuum bag and remove Rice Pillows.

2) Place Pillows in a sealed zip-lock bag and run under warm water for about 3 minutes.

3) Remove from zip-lock and top with your favorite ingredients!

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