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Product Lines

RiceWrap produces pre-made, frozen, sticky rice shapes, that come in two forms: Rice Sheets for rolling your own fusion rolls in just minutes and Rice Pillows™ for nigiri toppings. Taste every kernel with that familiar body and “bounce back” from the finest sushi restaurants.

Enjoy the time-saving convenience and ease of use for rolling at home or that midnight room service call, with No Cooking!

Gluten Free, VEGAN, Low Sodium, Low Sugar

Rice Sheets –The first “sliced bread of the rice world”, RiceWraps Rice Sheets™ are designed for Easy and Convenient  home and venue chefs as a “roll your own” product.Individually vacuum packed so you have no waste, just pull what you need from freezer, thaw in 90 seconds and roll on!

Seasoned Organic rice vinegar measured and mixed with perfectly cooked rice, consistent taste and texture every time! Size is approximately 4″ by 7” just right for your rolling mat!

Rice PillowsConveniently vacuum packed with 12 pillows. These pillows are pre-shaped just right and along with our Rice Sheets rounds out the ideal sushi plate for home parties or catering!
Just remove from freezer, remove from vacuum pack and place in ziplock bag. Slack under running water for about 4 minutes and you are ready for your Nigiri toppings!

Flavor Profiles and Rice

White & Nutri-grain Whole Brown rice offerings are seasoned as you would expect with the organic rice vinegar and a slightly sweet finish.

Our White rice is a finely tuned mix of Premium Medium and Short Grain rice, that makes rolling easy and texture consistent.

Our Brown rice is Nutri-grain Whole Brown rice, with the nutritional benefits of whole grain foods and a sublimely sweet “nutty” flavor!

It’s all about the rice…




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