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How We Make It

Rice WrapsIngredients

RiceWrap ingredients are sourced with an eye to create the healthiest and freshest rice based product line available. Our cutting edge concern, which is ahead of the trend, is to provide seasoned sushi rice with reduced sugar and low salt.

Our rice utilizes only organic rice vinegar, is Gluten Free, low sugar, low sodium, no fat, no cholesterol, no artificial coloring or flavors and no preservatives. Unique to the sushi rice world, our primary sweetener is diabetic and tooth friendly. You will not find a healthier sushi rice!


RiceWrap Foods was created to fill the void of convenience for at home sushi roll makers as well as food professionals in the hospitality sector.

From the exact amount of filtered water to wash the rice, to the amount of time to absorb the water, to the level of water to cook the rice, to the intricacies of timely ingredient additions, to the actual ideal temperature and cooling period – it is all “locked in” through personnel training and the state-of-the-art facility to create a consistently superb result.

The combination of precise ingredient measure, preparation procedures and professional taste testers assures all end users of an exceptional user-friendly, healthy product of quality.

Individually VacuumedFood Safety & Packaging

RiceWrap Foods operates in accordance to HAACP rules, plan and regulation. On site are procedural reminders and checklists before production is begun, during production and end of shift clean up.

We source all ingredients and packaging only from the most trusted names. All product is vacuumed packed for freshness and tamper-proof safety.

We stress safety and personal hygiene requirements with all employees, who are vetted with thorough background checks. We are a “Drug Free Facility”.

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