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Owner and founder Richard Cronk sought to manage high overhead and costs associated with on-site sushi chef operations in his rural upscale restaurants. He sampled product from companies that sold pre-prepared, frozen sushi rolls. Although the product proved to be convenient and reasonably priced, the taste and texture, upon thawing, did not deliver palatable sushi rice. It was within this product vacuum that RiceWrap was founded.

Two + yeWhite Close upars of research, experimentation and product development ensued by Cronk, his son Kyle and “professional taste tester” Ken Maruyama. Their efforts resulted in the creation of RiceWrap’s platform technology of frozen sushi rice, Rice Sheets™ (Slice of Rice™). This unique blend of natural ingredients and procedures yielded, upon standard thawing techniques, an exceptional quality of taste and texture. The attributes of fresh sushi rice, including the slight “bounce back” and perceptible individual rice kernel, coupled with the convenience of a frozen product was realized. On December 17th 2011, application was made for a Patent on this applied science.

The groundbreaking importance of freezing sushi sticky rice (shari) and being able to thaw with no deleterious effects is referenced in an article by Mr. Graeme Glen in AMEFT (Asia & Middle East Food Trade Journal):

“For years, the ‘holy grail’ of the sushi business has been to develop the technology to freeze it…frozen, stored, and defrosted with no discernible side effects…comes out of the freezer as fresh as it went in… no special defrosting equipment… entirely natural.”

With an SAM_1385eye on nutrition and the desire to create a healthy line of products, that were Gluten Free Vegan, Low Sodium and Low Sugar, RiceWrap production of Slice of Rice(TM) and RiceWrap Pillows(TM) with perfect rice began.

While RiceWrap was Beta testing products in numerous venues they met with a west coast venture capitalist of Asian heritage. Knowledgeable of rice and sushi, and with a global network and perspective, he and his colleagues joined Company principals for a tasting of the product line and a roundtable visit.

Their consensus: “RiceWrap will be DISRUPTIVE in the food industry.” Their conclusion was driven by taste and texture, and what they felt would be the product’s impact on customers and consumers…all driven by RiceWrap’s proprietary technology.

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