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RFC Deli Program

You don’t sub-contract your pizza or salad stations, why do you sub-contract your sushi station?

Why do you “settle” for 20%-30% profit margins?

Your Sushi Sub-Contractor is charging $7.49* for this sushi roll.

TOKYO FANTASY 2RFC Deli-Program (including labor, packaging and condiments) cost is less than $2.86

Sushi Sub-Contractor 25% to Store = $1.87  | RFC Deli Program = $4.63 to Store

H W 2B hands 1RFC provides the pre-formed rice shapes for all your sushi.

September 14 070September 14 057Our product is thawed in just seconds, with no cooking. The taste is delicious and the perfect texture makes “easy rolling” for your deli-techs!

The RFC Deli Program

RFC Sushi Chefs will train your current Deli-techs

  1. Serve-Safe and storage of all ingredients
  2. Portion control and cutting techniques for consistency
  3. Rolling technique, prep and presentation
  4. Up-sale conversation and party platter customization

RFC Recipe Book

  1. Easy to follow directions with consistent ingredient quantities to maximize profit
  2. Sauce and drizzle recipes for superior presentation and taste
  3. All the popular sushi rolls & nigiri

RFC Fulfillment Partners

  1. Two of the best Asian sushi ingredient resources – from sashimi to bento boxes – easy ordering
  2. Order direct but take advantage of RFC special discount pricing
  3. Weekly delivery available for all of your separate locations

RFC Deli Management Spreadsheets

Interactive Program that allows both individual stores and corporate HQ to track

  1. Sales – Daily or Weekly – Determine your best sellers
  2. Prep Sheets – Daily amounts of raw material to prep based on Sales
  3. Waste Management – Reduces Waste of unsold product & raw material
  4. Raw Material Inventory – Sets Par values, tracks cost and prompts when to order
  5. Margins – Each recipe cost to the penny – to track margins should material cost increase
  6. Easy Entry for Individual Store and Corporate HQ Totals and Tracking


*Based on average of 4 sub-contractors price – Mid-Atlantic Region – RFC Fantasia Roll








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